This blog is to document a spiritual practice of offering observation and sharing the gifts given.


3/20/15 Though NaBloWrMo was pretty successful, it didn’t create a habit that stuck much after the month ended. Well, life seems to be a bit more random and haphazard for now. And this is all about practicing.

11/1/14 And it begins again. I am unofficially participating in NaBloWrMo, striving to post everyday duringw November 2014. This challenge month is simple a tactic and tool to stay attentive. This blog is still an offering, a personal practice of awareness and expression.

1/28/14 It seems the question is both one of focus and expression. Being focused and staying focused — on what? There are so many things. Which to express and how? Well, it is all an experiment.

8/18/12 I completely fell off the edge a few months ago. I’m not sure where this blog is going, but you are welcome to join me as I explore the path again.

2/18/12 Again the path turns. Even though I had shifted to each offering being the attention I pay to live as it happens each day, I found I still wanted everything to be “nice.” When things were stressed and “not nice,” I did not make the time to blog, even if I had something “nice” to post. Well, if I am honestly paying attention, I must acknowledge life is not always nice. Sorry about that. I guess this will not be one of those uplifting, inspirational sites. Oh well. It’s a practice, not a perfection.

1/21/12 As you may have noticed, the term “offering” is used quite broadly. Sometimes it is simple a sharing of a gift I have received or a thought that is honest. Unlike so many 365 Projects, I am not creating art or writing essays or shooting photos every day. My time and energy is too short. My focus here is to pay attention to where I am, to record that, and to offer it to others.

Perhaps the idea of “offerings” brings to mind the Sunday collection plate or burnt food on an altar. Both are examples of ways people have given of what they have to their understanding of the Divine.

This last summer, I attended a weeklong leadership training. Each morning started with a short worship service. During the “offertory,” we were asked to share something, often with the person next to us. It was a form of personal participation, a giving of ourselves to each other.

My purpose is the same as all of these examples. I have no idea what I will be offering each day. It might be a poem or prayer or photo. The offerings are for you, for the Divine in each of us, for the Holy.


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